One of the funniest forms of decorate children's rooms, is to choose the style of thematic decoration. Children often like a variety of things, and their varied interests mean we can turn the room into a coquettish princess castle for the queen of the home as a fort or fortress for our naughty little one. And so you can choose between your tastes something that is fun, and becomes attractive and cozy. Today we have a great suggestion.

We refer to the children's themed decoration Hello Kitty Inspired by the popular character that was created in the years' 70 by a Japanese designer Yuko Yamaguchi who would make his foray into the world of children's details with a purse, achieving such success that the image of the Japanese cat then extended to all kinds of products and its fame would not decay until today.

Nothing complicated and spectacular, the favorite of girls and young women, Hello Kitty is a white cat with a very geometric anthropomorphic shape, with a distinctive bow or other decoration on her left ear. After its enormous success was cataloged with copyright and expanded to the West, winning franchise that bill about 300 million euros per year and that therefore becomes perfect to decorate, because you love your daughter and because there is everything.

And everything is beautiful bedding, curtains, paintings, lamps, stuffed animals, toys, ornaments and furniture, everything to put together a fun and very original Hello Kitty children's themed decoration. But do not recharge the environment, you do not need to have excesses, with choosing the furniture and ornaments without exceeding you can take advantage of these themed decoration ideas that we give you today, and put together a splendid bedroom to Hello Kitty, and that will like the girl even when the step to adolescence.