The word decor summery that concentrates an image that makes us evoke the days of warm and bright sun, that is, the one that resorts to its conformation, in the most striking colors of the summer color palette, such as blue, white, yellow, red, the celestial, and others that are considered "summer". And of course, to some extent, summer season ornaments, such as flowers, floral prints, and suns, beach and sea images, among others.

This summer decoration, it does not necessarily have to correspond to summer, and it can become the style of your home in any season, especially if you are one of those people with a warm personality who long for the days of sea and sun, when the cold autumn and winter come. And of course in winter your summer decoration will become a little paradise while it might be raining, or maybe the sky is gray ... the warmth will be in your home forever.

Today we show you some summer decoration ideas, where you will notice that it concentrates its appearance on the walls painted in pure white, combined with other colors or contrasting beautifully with them, such as orange and white, red and white, blue with white, light blue and white, and other thousand combinations that are sure to you will love it and that you have already thought for your environments.

In this sense, we recommend you also observe the limited use of ornaments, because although it is not dispensed with, what you are looking for is a natural environment, and if you choose accessories, think about allusive reasons to the summer season, sun, stars sea, beach, objects that allude to maritime life and others, without exceeding because this is not a marine decoration, it is a summer decoration, and for that reason flowers, plants and details go well that make think also of gardens and fields.