It is not the first time that we talk to you about the Versace decoration. The empire of the vanished Gianni Versace continues to create more things and more concepts and the fashion in decoration could not be left aside, so Donatella Versace, the genius driving the brand since the death of her famous brother, is the creative one that shows us that We can go for Versace, why not extend that appeal to the home?

With new colors and patterned designs more than adequate for decoration in spring, Versace brings us their cozy cushions for the living room, which will help create the summer atmosphere that everyone likes. With varied colors such as pink and yellow and floral prints, with many roses in a variety of styles, high quality that reminds that the home environment can be fabulous with just a few high quality decorative touches, the Versace quality.

No less attractive, really very attractive, the Versace tableware, with a spectacular design of flowers, branches and spring motifs combines the originality of the design with the color that each one enjoys. The cups seem to remind us of the china decorations, but certainly Versace has no clones and this is a splendid creation of Versace.

Now that the days of warm weather have arrived it is time to renew, sometimes it does not require large expenses or complicated arrangements, just change some other home accessories to achieve the spring atmosphere you want, in the case of Versace, the The cushions and the crockery make it. Surely your guests to eat this summer will be delighted with these proposals that the famous fashion house makes to renew the environments, especially a delicious meal in a coquettishly decorated tableware from Versace, an ideal choice and that you will be able to recycle next summer 2013.