We have all heard about the Victorian era, the reign of Queen Victoria of England was a time of splendor for the English monarchy that lasted for more than fifty years. A woman in a reign that supposed tranquility and who managed through her descendants to familiarize the monarchies of all Europe, because her daughters and granddaughters were married to all the princes of the ruling houses, it was such an influence that a whole era was also made within of the decoration styles, that still prevail today.

The Victorian era was also, and therefore has been widely criticized, an era of prudishness, hypocrisy and taboos that transpired romanticisms but in the secretillos and salons were whispered and acted dissipated. With this society only wanted to comply with the imposition of the reign an exacerbated morality that was not reality at all. But leaving aside these aspects that do not interest in our space, but that serve to remember that at the same time it was a time of careful details, pink details, that influenced in a very attractive decorative way, the Victorian decoration.

And today we want to present you some flirty proposals fordecorate female bedrooms Victorian style. They are especially perfect for the room of a young lady, a young woman, a woman, because they focus on the most delicate and attractive details, especially focused on the furniture in the purest style of "epoch". There is no room in this decoration for modern details, to achieve this you have to focus on cupboards and stools as well as lamps and bedding in delicate pastel tones and Victorian details.

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The beds with delicate headboards, quilts and cushions abound, there are plenty of carpets and of course the flowers abound in the ornamentation of curtains and bedding as in vases and other details, it is a thematic decoration that requires meticulous care but that It is not expensive if you are one of those who know how to look, many beautiful imitations of furniture are in the big stores and you can put together the room of the girl as well.