Mother Nature is an expert in colors, nuances and combinations of them. She creates environments based on tones and colors that range from the most subtle nuances to the most "elaborate", but they are always pleasing to the eyes. One of the easiest places to find inspiration for interior decoration is in the colors of the natural environment.

You can be inspired by the color scheme of the horizons, the majestic mountains, the hills, the green fields, the autumn leaves or the scenarios offered by the sea, among others.

Raise your eyes and observe nature to get a close view of some of the many elements that make up the landscape. For example, you can see the large number of subtle variations of colors in a set of stones.

Garden decoration interior.jpg
Photograph of Casa Decor 2014. Author: Laura Tuero

What seems sterile, can actually be a great source of inspiration. The vibrant colors of a handful of leaves can be an excellent combination of colors to decorate, or even the variety of neutral tones of a group of shells. Nature can offer unlimited color ideas.