We have already told you about Martha Stewart, she is a successful woman who has had a long time on the air, a television program about all kinds of tips for home, weddings, and other topics of interest. And what clear is between these issues, the Home Decoration. And today we have chosen some advice from decor and organization of Martha Stewart, easy to apply in different home environments, to decorate and keep our environment organized. They will verify that they are easy to achieve and the result is a beautiful and orderly house.

It is true that order is imperative within the decoration requirements of a casa, after all, it is not much use to have the most beautiful ornaments and have achieved an attractive decoration if everything is disorganized and makes you look less favored what should look great. In this sense Martha Stewart shows us that by adding some small aggregates to the area where we study or study our children and that is usually the one that always looks the most messy of all, we can maintain an appearance that appeals and that looks comfortable.

Adding some empty cans that always tend to be left over at home, we can take advantage to save the mail and this last option also improves a lot if we use cardboard and we make ourselves some cute envelopes for organize and decorate where we put the correspondence and other papers. Some cardboard boxes also have good effect and will keep everything organized.

It is true that it is not easy to accustom the boys to be ordained, but with a few ideas as original as these we can make a coquettish detail, and an environment that without being too complicated, quite the opposite very easy, we take advantage to keep everything in its place and the house looks like we want it.

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