Zen decoration: style and harmony

One of the most avant-garde trends of the moment is the Zen style. Westerners have tried to adapt this oriental wisdom to their rhythm of life and their customs having an important role in decoration. The concepts furthest from this style are classicism and excessive ornamentation, while those that are imposed are harmony and balance, in addition to a subtle masculine touch.

This different way of understanding life makes its application inside decoration is out of conventionalisms. Some of the most relevant characteristics of this style have to do with colors, the best being neutral tones such as white and the range of colors that go from ocher to beige.

In terms of materials, the trend is natural wood and specifically the beech tree. The furniture that is used inside the rooms should follow the maxim of simplicity in its design lines. So, we must flee from curves and barroquismos that do not fit naturally and we will always opt for the lines that invite order from the outside and inside.

If you have decided and want to transfer these premises to your home, you can take into account any of these suggestions. The room can be painted in a color that gives it spaciousness and warmth, for example a beige. You must be aware that this is the heart of the house and must stand out above all else, so do not hesitate to win spaces by annexing other small rooms.

The decorative objects are few but well chosen. For example, we can place a glass vase with gravel or a bottle filled with straw. The walls can be left bare if the wall paint is degraded, but we can also place some frames of fine black frame with geometric motifs.