Surely we have all picked up sometime shells, conches and striking stones that we find ourselves by lost places and beaches ... or not so lost. But after what to do with these stones?

There are who make pendants, necklaces or earrings for personal use or even sell them; there are those who put them in their shelves, in vases or jars... but there are also people who simply keep them because they do not know what to do with them and maybe something will happen to them over time.

If you love the crafts, knit and reuse fabrics, remnants or small rugs, we show you a great idea to decorate in a special way these unique stones ... and who knows? You could put it as a decoration in the living room.

Fern Resurrection it seems to be the pioneer in this type of decoration or concept. This great artist thought to cut pieces of different fabrics and join them to crochet It was an excellent idea ... and the truth was that he was not wrong.

According to its own concept this is similar to making a quilt, for the bed, where Each generation of a family contributes its bit.

Well, it's something similar, we have the option of leave blank spaces, that is, without sewing no scrap of cloth; in this way the free space It would represent new people and different experiences. Each sews something different on the stones.

As an alternative it is perfect, so we can enjoy those rugs and tablecloths that our grandmothers did and we can no longer use due to the passage of time. Maybe a family tablecloth that we do not use for not being in condition or a shirt or shirt from when we were children and we simply keep it without using it.

Each one of us can give a utility different to these already decorated stones, maybe like step on paper or as a centerpiece introducing them in a basket.

Now we can enjoy those stones that we find and those scraps of fabric that we love and do not know what to do with them.