The burlap bags are fashionable ... That element that apparently served little more than its usual function lately has taken center stage in decoration and has become a real protagonist acquiring the shape of a tablecloth, upholstered in an armchair or chair, curtain, bottom of a marcco, etc. .

Whatever the element that decorates or whatever the place or corner of the house in which it is located, the burlap always brings an original touch with a certain vintage air that makes that element, corner or room special.

Below you can see some examples of decoration in which burlap bags have been used:

This old man chair It has been renovated and completely updated thanks to the burlap fabric with which it has been upholstered.

burlap armchair

The same goes for this old man furnishing that with a simple hand of white paint and some scraps of burlap, it is completely renovated, thus contributing to the decoration a different and original touch.

furniture with burlap

Even, used to cover a bottle or a vase, a burlap bag can turn into a charming detail that will hardly go unnoticed.

burlap bag

Cushions, tablecloth, bags for storing bread in the kitchen, curtains ... There are many uses that a burlap bag can have.

As you can see in the previous images, despite initially looking like a rough fabric, well used can become a delicate and spatial detail.

One of the great advantages of decorating with burlap is that it is really economical ... Do you dare?


  1. I'm also looking for the burlap cloth, I can not get it here, if anyone knows where I can get them!

  2. Hello, I was just looking for something like that to upholster a chair, but where can you buy those bags?

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