To start with today's post I want to define the vintage concept: Vintage is the term taken from English to designate any antique object, artistic design and a quality invoice.

From my point of view the bedroom, the entrance and the bathroom are the perfect places to decorate the vintage style, or incorporate details of vintage style.

If you decide on the vintage style In the bedroom, you can personalize this space with a very personal style, through furniture and accessories. These furniture and accessories can be found in antique shops, auctions or ask your grandmother, who surely has more than one saved and saved, and if it is inherited are furniture that will also remind your family.

For example, a vintage detail for your bedroom can be a wrought iron headboard or carved wood, or a leather capitoné headboard. If it is an antique headboard that needs restoration to give it a personal and current touch you can paint it in black or white.

But you can also make your bathroom a vintage space, with a bathtub with golden motifs, or with glass vases or perhaps old bottles. And for the entrance of your house you can get a vintage furniture renovated with fun patterns as the rhombuses. The lamps are a detail very used in this type of decoration and you can place them on toilets of all the life.

The details and accessories can provide the vintage and bucolic touch you are looking for; For example, you saw your bed with a flower boutí. Decorate the tables, dresser or dresser with old bottles and use them as vases. You can also include an art-deco lamp on the tables or as secondary lighting on the chest of drawers.

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Follow these guidelines and let yourself be guided by your tastes when choosing this type of details, so you will not have any problem in creating your own vintage style space.

Create your own vintage style, your way!