El paper It is a simple and economic element that can give a lot of play in the decoration, either to decorate small objects or to apply in a more visible and large.

Below you can see some practical and original ideas to decorate your home with simple paper:

If you organize a party or birthday at home and need some beautiful and original garlands decorate and give a special touch to the decoration, I propose that you yourself make your garland. For this you only need a few simple doilies (which are commonly used for cakes, cupcakes, etc), thread and a little glue.
To make the garland you just have to fold the lace in half, place the yarn in the middle and then apply glue and stick them.

garland with lace

If you think that your staircase lacks grace and you want to give a new look to your decoration, this is a very easy idea to apply and it offers really spectacular results:


It is simply place printed paper on the front of each step of the staircase. With a decorative paper that adapts and combines with the rest of the decoration, the change that your decoration will experience will be charming and will not leave anyone indifferent.

And, if what you need is a headboard and you do not find one that fits you, you can design it yourself with the shape and size that you like the most and then materialize it with just a little stamped paper:


Simple solutions, very easy to apply, charming and very economical ... Will you put some into practice?