The fish tanks not only decorate, but have the ability to transport us to another universe a plane where insurance stress and daily worries no longer exist.

But the great problem of the same is the time that they consume and the space, besides that its cost in some occasions is very high, for it the decor has several highly practical ideas that can make you a carrier beautiful fish tank, with extremely simple solutions and practices to implement.

That it would seem to be able to enjoy the beauty that marine life gives us in a fish tank wall, it is made up of totally suitable materials and implementing the sanitary measures necessary to dispose of the fish in them.

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On the other hand and departing a little from this practical solution, the American company Living Color Aquariums It has more than one surprise and is that it builds large-scale fish tanks, which can be included in the furniture or make up unique pieces that can be the main highlight of your decoration

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In this model, the company highlights the skill of craftsmen shaping carved limestone tanks and plastic alloys.

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But if you decide a more profitable alternative that is beautiful but expensive fishbowl You can find brands that develop similar models but using cheaper materials such as wood.


A completely separate paragraph deserves the Silverfish aquarium, a fishbowl with environments highly decorative Practical and portable, which in addition to having our fish in a natural way allows us to combine their colors with the green that they give us by confining spaces of high standing.

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As we all know the decoration and the trends applied in it are very broad, you could say that there are tastes for all, and proof of this is this line of toilets who implement fish tanks in its interior, certainly only applicable in a Thematic decoration, extremely daring.

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