There are many ways to give a change of appearance to a home, to decorate it, to make it more ours, and the fashion always at the forefront surprises you with new stylistic resources that allow to obtain great visual effects with the minimum intervention and the minimum expense. One of the new trends that has been very successful in this regard has been the decoration with vinyl.

With phrases, drawings, images or even photos, the options of this type of decoration multiply and adapt to virtually any space, with increasingly innovative designs that give a very modern touch to the walls, but also, for the most daring to furniture and appliances with very little economic investment and a lot of creativity.

The uses are so varied that they look good in the most varied environments, they can be used both at home, in the office or in any type of business.

According to the experts in decoration, they are great allies to give soul and life to the walls, the doors and windows, to the mirrors ... the limits are only in your imagination to project ideas and express them with this contemporary decorative technique. The Children vinyls, like what we found in Decorative stickers are certainly vinyl wall more used to create children's environments with ease that enhance the fun and imagination of the smallest of the house.

Options that vinyl for the wall offer

One of the main advantages offered by the Wall Stickers is that they are super easy to put on and, as we have already mentioned, they have a very affordable price. In this sense, if you do not like it or if you get tired of it, you can renew it soon without your pocket hurting.

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Here we highlight again the Children vinyls, because as the child grows the subject can be changed to be more in line with their age and their tastes. Likewise, in the rooms of the smallest, the decorative wall decals They are a great resource to cover imperfections or scratches. As its placement is extremely easy and you do not need glue or anything special, we do not run the risk of messing or spoiling anything, even if we are not experts in the field.

The possibilities offered by personalization of the spaces are endless and the models for the children's bedrooms allow us to add a lot of color to their room or the room they have set aside for the game. The options for babies, ranging from those with very sweet designs, to sports designs, musicals for teenagers, or motivation phrases that we want to dedicate to them, nice phrases that we want you to always remember or that are a motto when you get up and when you leave to sleep.

Vinyls to decorate kitchens

The kitchens are other of the rooms where the use of vinyl is being imposed more and more in the new decoration proposals brought to us by the interior designers of the most renowned magazines in the sector. In this sense, its use is not limited to walls, but can occupy any type of surface, decorating objects or appliances.

They are very used in this inton the phrases related in some way to gastronomy or those that give us good morning, it is usually the stay where we first go to prepare a coffee or offer breakfast to children.

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Likewise, small designs that adhere to tiles, jars or cupboard doors are very used. And, as we say, this resource in terms of decoration has opened a whole world of possibilities. But undoubtedly, in the kitchen and appliances, are the refrigerators that attract all eyes when deciding the placement of a vinyl.

Placing a decorative vinyl

We have mentioned the ease with which these vinyls are placed and then we will explain what would be the steps to follow, so that you have everything very clear.

When you receive it, the most usual thing is that it comes rolled up, so the first thing you should do is spread it on a smooth surface until you are going to install it.

When you go to put it, what you should do is prepare the surface where it will go, cleaning it well to avoid dust or any other dirt can spoil the final result. It is important then to wait for it to dry completely if we have moistened the surface to clean it.

You should know that the vinyl is protected by 2 sheets, one where the motif is attached and another transparent one that serves as a conveyor. To make the whole process easier, put a tape of adhesive paper to easily present the vinyl where it will be placed and to make it easier to remove the sheet where the vinyl goes.

Remember that the transparent sheet should be on the outside and on the inside the silicone sheet that carries the vinyl. Do not forget to fix the paper tape well so that it does not detach during the process.

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Now all you have to do is gradually take off the sheet where the vinyl goes while you fix the adhesive firmly with a rag or a spatula (always do it from the center outwards to avoid bubbles). Finally you should only remove the paper carrier carefully.