Según the characteristics of our house may or may not have some spaces that are very characteristic in their morphology, utility and spectrum, in this case we will develop the receivers, we talk about the first space we find when entering our house and which must have certain characteristics that highlight its function and delimit it in space.

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Si has the pleasure of having a small room attached to the hall his problems of guarding clothes for guests and sector to store articles of daily or frequent use like bicycles and umbrellas is totally result, whereas but it has the same one is in front of a problem that decoration promises to solve.

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Si you think about eliminating them you may find yourself facing a bigger problem of functionality, You can implement them in view but in a harmonic way, creating a space for functional and harmonic.

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The hangers and some functional furniture can keep secrets, you can even present mirrors or pictures that hide a hole in our wall that hides inside our back or our umbrellas keys and other frequently used items, although we run the risk of forgetting them when leaving, that is why when we plan to leave, we have a small bag to keep our items of daily use on the porte of our door.

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Depending on the structure of our hall we can arrange different ornamental pieces, being fish tanks and incredibly effective sources to distract the visual impact towards the piece, discarding the implementation of other elements in place, therefore we will not need anything more, than a good painting in combination with the pavement and beautiful luminaries.

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A small table or shelf is always necessary in a good hall, it can even have a nice vase or some ornamental object that promotes its prominence, in the market you will find many pieces of furniture focused on the theme and that present a great series of modules and drawers that favor the implementation of the aforementioned objects of daily use.

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The mirrors are indispensable since they not only contribute their basic function, but they are part of the morphology applied in the context and they contribute a great stoic impact, without a doubt this is a particular space, since it is never the same in each of the cases and depends directly on the creator's imagination the conformation of it, if it has not yet decorated your hall we recommend that you contemplate all the ideas and variables you will surely find many that complement and facilitate the task of your aesthetics

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