Yellow is among the basic colors of Feng Shui, and therefore within this current occupies a privileged place. But yellow is an attractive color and is one of the favorites when it comes to decorate environments They require a lot of lighting and also promote an enthusiastic and positive environment. That is why yellow can be converted into the basic color of the decoration or added to it as a complement through the ornaments and accessories of the living room, bathroom, etc.

Today we tell you why decorate with yellow, It can be a great choice. If we move within the doctrine of Feng Shui, the properties of yellow are ideal for decorating kitchens and children's bedrooms. Because it is a lively color, which makes us feel enthusiasm and can influence that we feel so motivated and inclined to energy, that in the kitchen we will hardly feel fatigued or children lacking in enthusiasm to play or get up in the morning.

From these qualities now, we will take into account that decorate with yellow, within the modern decoration is a way to illuminate without doing it too broadly but if attractive, because the yellow lightens the environments without doing so much as the white, so you can use yellow walls combining with others or combining different shades of yellow. And if you do not want to use it as the basic color because you use it complementing.

Complementing the yellow to the decoration, imposes a sparkling and modern note to the rooms, cushions and curtains, lamps and paintings, mirrors and planters, all a large number of options. A table, the kitchen chairs, the bedroom lamps. Take advantage of the qualities of yellow and the ideas that we suggest today so you can have a cheerful and elegant atmosphere.