If you are one of those who love collections and you have a multitude of articles ... take advantage and decorate with them! Small high-heeled shoes, beautiful porcelain masks, impressive models….seals, movie tickets, maps, porcelain...

They are incredibly infinite the possibilities and the examples of collections that we can see and that we can integrate as part of our decoration ... The activity of a collector is an arduous task that can last and last for years.

Have you never thought about decorating with your collections? are multitude of objects that you can count on to perform the most beautiful compositions and decorating our home.

En decoration.in We have found a multitude of photos collected from people who have collected items for many years and have decided that they will be exposed to the decoration of their home.

The impact and visual interest that we bring to the estancia with a beautiful collection will provide creativity and originality.

If we have a beautiful collection of glassware we can place it in a showcase, on shelves and shelves ... in this way it will be sheltered, without danger of some restless hands and, at the same time, exposed to the curious looks.

In tables, small consoles, located on the wall with hooks or nails, are elements that help us to exhibit, cautiously our collections and offer a pleasant environment. Although if you do not want to expose them you can always locate it in some drawers.