Since before the millenarian philosophies of the Orient had caught the taste of Westerners, themes such as meaning of colors they were already something that interested Europeans and other cultures. And with the development of the decoration, the use of colors and the feelings or encouragement that they provoke became important aspects at the time of choose colors for decorate. And today we know that many of the most beautiful colors have more to our mind than just being attractive, including purple. Do you know the meaning of this color?

The color purple has always been linked to the nobility, having been used for a long time in clothing and decorations of the most rancid ruling families, part of shields and other significant details, it is by association a color full of elegance. But purple is also the color linked to spirituality, for some it is the color of reflection and calmness, the result of the perfect combination of red that is a warm color and blue that is a cold color, transmits to us then that the meaning of the purple color is a warm welcome, endearing affection and comfort.

Mysterious and emotional, welcoming as we said, it is then logical to think about how good it is decorate with purple color. In some philosophical currents is considered linked to nature, a color of purity that evokes the most beautiful landscapes of the flora such as lavender, orchid and other species that are delicate and of special beauty that also transmit serenity and reflection.

And purple is the perfect color to motivate imagination, creativity, so it's the perfect color for a child's bedroom, for the living room, and the studio where you work when you return home, for those who write or that create an environment of purple is the ideal place and for the rest of the home, elegance, calm and relaxation are feelings that will become palpable at decorate with purple.

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