The history of the curtains goes back to ancient times, usually they were meant to cover doors and windows in the absence of the same or, and that is still one of its uses, maintain the temperature of an environment, preventing the passage of air or clarity. But over time, man went modernizing and found that the curtains to decorate, They were one of his options.

And taking advantage of that you can decorate with curtains Applying yourself to transform environments, and basing the decoration by combining walls with the color of the curtains, making styles of country decoration, elegant or relax choosing curtains that convey that appearance. Surely you already have many ideas on how to combine colors and styles as well as textures to turn the curtains into a flattering decorative element in all home environments.

In these images we present you several curtain styles to decorate and those who will surely find your approval. You have to have some clear issues regarding the curtains. As for textures, they are usually chosen from thicker materials and dark materials for winter days because at the same time that decorating helps us to maintain, as we have said before, the interior temperatures of the home.

Quite the opposite in summer when they should be light and light colors that facilitate the passage of refreshing air. They are usually "short" at the top of the window frame, where they should be more practical, the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry for example. Long in the living room where with the longest time of the window they contribute to make the space bigger and more sophisticated. With ornaments such as flights when they want to confer more decorative appeal.

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Much can be achieved with the curtains to decorate, because according to your choice you can turn an unattractive environment into a beautiful corner.