When we have to deal with space, we must reduce the environments without sacrificing the aesthetic aspect. Every day are more reduced environments especially in large cities, and you can find two levels in the same home but with stairs that reduce the possibilities. In this case what we can do is decorate with spiral stairs. A charming way to set the environment and take advantage of space.

There are many styles of spiral staircases to decorate, they are set to the amount of space that is counted, but none should leave aside the aspects of comfort and security that are imperatives in the decoration using stairs. You already know that stairs must be safe, attractive and comfortable to use. Although the space is limited, it is of vital importance that they are spacious because they are more comfortable and that they are designed taking into account the inclination.

You can choose a variety of spiral stair designs, those that are usually made more spacious and with more elaborate handrails because it has more space and are built within the total order of the apartment or house. And those that today are very popular, prefabricated, that an architect must assemble so that they are correct and functional and safe.

The material of the spiral stairs varies, being able to be of wood or of materials like the brick and other traditional of the construction, some usually are of resistant metals that can be very attractive and practical. As decorate with stairs It is functional but it must be safe, the assembled stairs and the stairs with light handrails are not suitable for areas with children and the elderly. In homes where children and old people live, it is advisable to discard them because they are so steep they represent a safety disadvantage.

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