The problem of our days when it comes to decorate the house It is the lack of space. Maybe it is not that the house is small but that the space was reduced as a result of the family increased or that every day we buy more things, for whatever reason you have to decorate thinking of a small space. Y decorate with shelves It is usually more practical when you do not have as much room and many things to save, use and look.

Today we bring you tips from decor that will help you form cozy and attractive environments for little space that you have, whether in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or laundry. In the case of decorating in limited spaces, the maxim "everything fits in a place knowing how to accommodate" was never so true. The order must prevail if you do not have much space, because otherwise it looks messy apart from being less spacious.

The ideal thing is to choose attractive shelves that adapt to the size with which you count and that are of good quality, that you can integrate to the style of decoration that you have and in which you can show your trophies already, or simply locate everything that you need in the kitchen, or in the living room. It is important not to exceed, but if it is very attractive, place shelves embedded in the walls that are fixed and that logically keep our tools or ornaments without any danger. You can place your discs or flowers, which are safe and spacious.

Do not know what bookshelf to choose? Maybe in these images you find what you need. Shelves to decorate the varied environments of the home, in all sizes and styles, and if you take a little time, you will understand that many of these beautiful furniture can be easily made. Take advantage of this if you or your partner are good at bricolage or otherwise, because look for a good carpenter, these beautiful environments well deserve it.