We all have our preferences, some like comics and others like sports. This is something that happens in all areas of life and in the decor some will like the most classic and others want to impose a more personalized style, add to the decoration those elements that they enjoy the most, such as mirrors, flowers or vases, to say a few. Today we want to suggest a personalized way, if you like vases, decorate the living room, a hallway, or the entrance to the home.

There are all kinds of vases and understandable is that some like some and not others. The vases of ceramic with Chinese inspiration, are usually the most admired, there are different sizes and different colors and designs, so you can arm with few, enough vases to decorate a corner of the room, perhaps a cabinet or a table, what you prefer will put a note of elegance and originality to the environment.

Lovers of ceramics and vases can opt for decorate with vases in a single color and style or turn into a sample of charming pieces, decorating with various styles and colors, sizes and shapes. You have to take into account the aspect of care of the pieces, the ceramics are not usually cheap for their same elegance and quality, and should be placed in a cabinet where they are in view to be admired but not exposed to break the first movement .

La decoration with vases as it is appreciated in these two suggestions, it is very beautiful but also delicate, so this type of decoration would not be considered in an environment where there are small children, that we all know moved by curiosity can make enormous destruction. If you still want to decorate your favorite vases with small ones at home, consider placing them decoratively high.

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