Decoration with books

If you are passionate about reading and you usually enjoy "devouring" books, this post will love you, because in the end, we all ask the same passionate about literature: And now, where do I get so many books? .
Obviously to those who have large spaces this issue is not a problem, but there are many that we can not have at home a huge library and for us there are also storage options that are not at odds with the decor, quite the opposite! .

Books are capable of becoming a stylish element if we are able to take advantage of them.

Vintage decoration with books

The first thing we have to take into account is its external form to make sure it fits with the style of the space to which we are going to allocate it. And on the other hand, we should not forget the usefulness of books, so we must make distinctions between:

  • Reference and interesting books that we must have at hand
  • Books of little interest that we can locate in places and areas of access somewhat more complicated.

Some decorative ideas for the storage of books:

  • Stack the books It is a good resource.
    You can put them on a table, on the floor as the basis of some other decorative element that you want to highlight and you can even stack the books and use them as a base or "legs" for a side table, night table or center by applying a wooden or crystal.
  • If you have enough space and you have large amounts of books, it is best to turn to shelves that cover the entire wall, both in width and in height.
  • Always look son the doors, they are usually untapped spaces. However, if you apply a shelving-style shelf, this space will become a perfect extra corner for the storage of your books.
  • Look carefully in all corners of your house the hole under the stairs, spaces in furniture, chimneys, etc. Any corner can serve you.

    It's just a matter of applying ideas with style