Decorating is an art that you can take advantage of even when you are not an expert, with some great ideas from the great interior designers we can turn our environments into elegant and modern. Today we will give you some flirtatious ideas to decorate with watches. Surely you had ever thought, how to take advantage of such an important complement in the home that you will now see, can be useful for more than telling the time.

We usually prefer the most modern styles of watches, practical and functional, but to integrate them into the environment although they also decorate the most current watches, it is preferable to take advantage of the Watches vintage. Some can be obtained in antique stores and there are also collections of modern watches that imitate the older models, and that have the aggregate that are cheaper than an old watch, unless it is a watch that we have inherited.

In all the environments of the home, the idea of decorate with watches. In the children's room, it is enough to integrate into the set a set of clocks or a clock that does its job but also puts its touch of coquetry to the total set of the decoration. In the kitchen and the living room, clocks are always essential, in the library and in the bedroom, after all, we are always aware of the time.

In these images we present you some ideas to decorate with watches, Take advantage of very modern or very "vintage" styles of watches. In variety of colors and sizes. Preferably a large clock that takes center stage in the decoration, a very conservative and minimalist style that make it the perfect complement to set a room in a different way, giving prominence to a wooden or metal clock preferably, to harmonize all the decoration Undoubtedly, an idea of ​​great versatility when decorating.