You have to resort to many tricks to decorate the home, Sometimes we do not have much space and that determines the decoration, but that does not mean that it should not be attractive, on the contrary, it can and should be very attractive. Today we will concentrate on a room that has little space. In which a set of living room furniture tends to limit space, and make it look overloaded and to some extent suffocating by "reduced".

And yet, we need a sofa in the living room. For this we can do without the additional furniture such as the love seat and the wing chair to concentrate on decorate with corner sofas. It is beautiful sofas that became so fashionable in the years' 70 were relegated the later decades when fashion was, to have so many pieces of furniture in the room that what we needed were people to occupy them all, that is the decoration, like fashion in General returns to what we have seen before.

And that return, is to recover the advantages of decorate with corner sofas or «triangular sofas» a successful to embed in a corner and from there go decorating, you stick it to the wall, you leave it in the center, it occupies space that yes, but it reduces the amount of furniture and equally they sit comfortably there four people, come on, a family of four watching television on a Sunday being at home.

Four guests to eat, but of course when you have a party, you have to bring more additional furniture and being "tight" is part of the fun, it is not so much when you want to rest, and it is so practical that you can doze at the end of the day , cuddle up with your partner on a cold autumn afternoon, bring the children to see the film one winter night, and well chosen becomes a charming detail, like the ones we show you in the images.