Normally we choose the photographs that we like most of our family and friends to decorate the different rooms of the house, at the same time we have them present at all times. However, what we propose in this post is not to choose a picture holder to match the decoration put on a shelf, but to make a beautiful composition with several of those pictures or photos.

mural with photographs

Before starting to do the organization, we must choose our favorite photographs, four to be exact, and look for a space in which we are going to put them. On the chimneys, on the sofa, next to furniture, etc ... We make sure they have a size between 10.16 x 15.24 and 20.32 x 25.4 cm. It is convenient that the photos have the same hue (for example, all in black and white, in sepia or in color) to create a senation of set and unit. In the center we can put another large photograph or a drawing, a painting, a sheet ... that fits well in the set.

In the image we see the space completed with a phrase on adhesive vinyl. If you find one that fits your mural would be perfect (there are also companies that personalize the phrases).