Summer nights tend to be longer, and opportunities to enjoy the weather and the company of the family on the terrace or in the garden also abound. Especially because in summer there is more time, many enjoy a few days of vacation and can be at home, invite friends, reunite the family. To contribute to that lovely picture of a summer with those that are important to us, we can add the detail of decorate the environment with Candles because no decoration creates such an attractive temporary environment especially on a summer night.

For that, enough choose decorative candles of which today there is a wide variety of proposals, with aromas in the field, flowers, sea if you want to create an environment with marine scent. It is important not to overdo the aromas because in the end like everything else, they can be tiring, after a while of being in an environment it becomes saturated with the aroma. Choose just one with a strong aroma like eucalyptus or jasmine and the rest without aroma.

They must be placed in strategic places that create a relaxed and natural environment. In a clay or ceramic tray where it is without danger of causing a fire but also allows it to look very good. You have to be especially careful if you have children, avoid that the candles are within your reach and above all if they are of age to understand, explain that they are decorations that do not touch and that it can be dangerous to touch them or be close to playing. When there are children it is better to adapt the candles in safer ways than just placing them on a tray.

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In addition, there are many safe ways to Decorate the garden with candles for summer, using streetlights, glass bottles as in one of the following images. Surely you will come up with many more. And since you always have to be careful, keep the fire extinguisher handy, we do not want your beautiful decoration to ruin the moment.