White is one of the "star" colors of the color palette, along with black it is one of the most versatile. You can combine it with many colors and it will always look good decorate with color target in whole or in areas, but of course the already limited or broad use that you give it, transmits different sensations. You already know that color is basic in decoration, and white is one of the most used colors when painting.

The white color conveys the feeling of spaciousness, illuminates a room, makes it look neat and large, so for small spaces, decorate with white it is perfect. In very large spaces to achieve balance you have to combine it with another color and if it contrasts like red or fits together combining like rosewood, you also triumph. Given that space is always better to turn to white alone, when we have problems of limited space, let's focus now on the bedroom.

The most beautiful bedrooms decorated in white, we show you some images that will inspire you. You can take advantage of white as a background color and apply other soft shades or intense colors for ornaments such as window or door frames and for accessories such as curtains and bedding decant for the most intense colors such as red or blue .

We must bear in mind that white is a cold color, although it is already great in the bedroom area, we do not want it to become a cold atmosphere, so you have to combine it with other colors, but if you insist on the total white we advise you to paint by areas, using the different shades of white, pure white, off-white, and yes you can have the most beautiful of the bedrooms in white, but do not forget to apply color as we have said in the accessories such as furniture, cushions , and others.


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