The decoration has taken a more open approach and has allowed the inclusion of many more resources that can even be found more easily, so decorating any space in a professional manner has been reduced only to the creative capacity of the designer.

There are many websites that offer advice, materials, ideas and room decoration services for almost any design trend that is proposed. Only a couple of main ideas or references are needed to find the decoration that is intended to be achieved in any space of the house or office.

Get good ideas for decorating the house

The decoration is something that can be played at the time of design a space, and a good combination of elements can make a significant difference for whoever is in such a place. Be the Feng Shui or decoration Vintage, the infinity of options will always be the real reason why spend time deciding among so many accessories.

According to the decoration website Pinch of Home, it is possible to find very successful and simple combinations to reproduce for all kinds of spaces in a house, cafeteria, office, etc.. Styles that start from the nordic to the retro, with recommendations and very detailed examples.

Vintage bedside tables that never go out of style

In general, the first place that should have a good decoration is the bedroom, but more than something full of visual components should be a space with decorative and functional furniture. Bedroom furniture can be the option that can always match with such decoration. That is why it is necessary to make a careful selection of these traditional tables, so that they always remain the most practical and comfortable option when being close to the bed.

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In this sense it is recommended to see the models of vintage bedside tables in Sloth, which stand out for their simplicity of design and different presentations in veneered wood or with engraved drawings. Another equally remarkable feature is how cheap it is, so It is a good option to fill the bedroom space with something functional and matching.

The most original and functional desks for home and office

Sometimes, the same bedroom can be part of the workspace, and such a place should be a space where order and productivity converge, where all the tools are at hand and where everything can be registered and organized. The main component of a workplace is the desk, and therefore it must be functional, elegant and resistant.

There are a variety of desks as well as designs, and all can adapt perfectly to every taste. offers a select catalog for each type of space, with special prices for complete games. These with the best finishes and in different sizes to install reversible designs, bookshelf, desk or corner drawer desk. All in resistant, waterproof and elegant materials.

Avant-garde platforms for home and office

An important factor in decoration is the floor, and for this reason the exterior decoration should be as careful as the interior. Even more if it is first class materials. The finishes that can be obtained allow to simulate the evidence of time without sacrificing functionality, such as Pandiro technological platform.

The variety of existing materials allow to reach any type of decoration. If, for example, what you are looking for is a floating wooden platform, the Duraflor or Solid Solid model is the solution.

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The advantage of these pallets is the economical, reusable and easy to install that are, because only a few carpentry tools are needed to make a professional installation.

Another particularity of these platforms is that they can be combined with other types of surfaces, that allows them to be used indoors and to make surprising contrasts between wood and stone or with various types of wood.

Given so much variety, there is only the opportunity to try some combinations to exploit the decorative potential of a common space or a productive environment.