Part of the decor cooking is to make it functional. We can not, unlike other home environments, opt for a decoration that then makes it difficult or impossible to cook with comfort and safety, and in the kitchen, what counts is to save space and time. And that is achieved by integrating the essential elements in the kitchen to the decoration of it.

One of the elements that usually cause us most problems in the kitchen are pots, saucepans, pans and other items of this type. It is sometimes difficult to keep them between the shelves and they are not so easy to store elsewhere. And we can not do without them either, because we must use them regularly. So the best way is to take advantage racks or air dispensers to maintain the kitchen decoration, neat and attractive, taking advantage as we have said before, the air space to turn it into an ally of decoration.

As a practical one, they are usually placed on the dishwasher, the kitchen table or near the window, and never on the stove, because this is a risk that they can be ruined, overheated and cause a fire, in addition we would be with the grease and the smoke that would force to clean constantly, with the addition that, the smells of the food would saturate the environment. That is why the areas away from the stove are the best.

They must be arranged in a way that contributes to the kitchen decoration, that taking advantage as we have said before, the space and that we should allocate them to a place, we will place on top, this will be even more attractive because if you have nice kitchen batteries, you can make them more cozy and if there are children at home , you will not be faced with the problem that in your games mess up the kitchen with the pans.