Yesterday we talked about small bathrooms, today we will continue talking about small spaces, but we will cover any type of space, not only the bath.

And is that, what are we going to do? To convert a small space into a comfortable, functional and pleasant space is, nowadays, one of the main doubts that assail us when it comes to turning the house into our home. The reason ?, On the one hand, the luxurious chalets and the big ones mansions they are a privilege of only a few and on the other hand, the architectural trend is increasingly oriented towards the creation of housing reduced. However, have a small house does not imply the obligation to give up the decor, comfort and functionality.


The simplest and most effective resources before small spaces are:

  1. Use colors clear on both walls and the rest of the decor. Light colors will enhance the lightingand they will create a visual sensation of amplitude, thus achieving that the spaces appear to be greater than they really are.
  2. Creating a sense of continuity is another ideal option in small spaces. That sense of continuity will make the spaces appear larger.
    To achieve a visual effect of continuity, you must "open" the spaces, if it is necessary to make a small reform and eliminate a partition or wall, do not hesitate, I assure you that you will not regret it.
    On the other hand, as spaces are directly connected with the minimum possible walls, the use of light will be much greater.
  3. Enhance the natural lighting It is another aspect to keep in mind. In any house natural lighting is very important, but in small houses even more if possible. A good natural lighting will make the house a much more pleasant stay, in addition, if the house has good light, the visual effect that causes is again the amplitude.
  4. Betting on objects that help to enhance the lighting and collaborate in increasing that sense of spaciousness that we talk so much about and that we inevitably look for in small spaces. For example: mirrors, crystals, reflecting surfaces, etc. all of them are materials and elements that "expand" the spaces.
  5. Finally, it is also very important not to neglect the choice of furniture. It must be comfortable and fit the desired style, but must also be functional: tables or poufs with storage space, sofa beds, etc.
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With all this and a little creativity, time and enthusiasm your house will become the ideal home.


  1. Good, I love the advice you give in this article, I'm just reforming my house, it's an old house, with a lot of corridor and, at the end, also with a lot of lost space.

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