If we have to make a gift but we can not pull out of pocket, give something simple and decorate it later can be a great solution. A good gift adorned in an artisan way can help us.


In this case we will buy a simple pot, which we will decorate easily and with affordable elements.

The necessary materials will be.

- Cardboard

- Colored markers

- Rustic thread

- Colored beads

- Scissors

- Flower pot

- Glue

The first step is to measure the contour of the pot and the height of it. With these measures we will cut a cardboard rectangle.

In the upper area we will draw, in this case, some simple marine waves and we will cut; we can make the drawing that we like the most.

We will stick the cardboard around the flowerpot; but before doing so we can write some dedications for the person we are going to give, or make a simple drawing ... what we like the most.

Finally we will cut a long piece of rustic thread and we will tie an account at each end - or small hearts - then tie it to the flowerpot, skirting it and making a bow or bow at the end of it.