We have already given you suggestions and advice on how decorate the lounge, using the most beautiful colors, and remember that there are always more interesting things and that you can always get as creative as you want, to personalize your environment. To decorate the room in full blue, we bring you today a great suggestion, take advantage of blue as a basic color and white as a complementary color, using solids and prints.

Although you might think that merging trends such as varied prints, it is not attractive but it is the opposite. Combining two colors like white and blue in the lounge decoration using a variety of prints between stripes, flowers and other styles that look lovely contrasting because they uniform the chosen colors, blue and white without the decoration is shocking, but rather very attractive and lively.

Blue is one of the most appreciated colors in decoration of salons because it is placed between the colors that convey a sense of calm and relaxation, what we precisely look for in the living room when we want to rest and watch television or to receive friends for an entertaining chat and why not lie on the sofa and read your book Preferred, you will notice how much a relaxation color like blue contributes to the feeling of well-being.

White is the color of neatness and it makes us feel just that, so combined the two achieve the perfect atmosphere at the same time that it is a modern decor, active and very flattering. They clarify the environment by the preeminence of white in the prints, and it is perfect for a small room that needs to feel cozy but not so limited in space. So now that you're going to paint and decorate the room, keep in mind this perfect combination of prints and white and blue colors.


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