Thinking of decorate a house, maybe you have not taken into account the color pink, as the central color of the decoration. This is something that usually happens, especially because the pink tend to think of it as "feminine color" without taking advantage of its great qualities to make a beautiful decoration that everyone enjoys, and now you will see in our suggestions today. Pink is a versatile color because it has many shades and combines with many other colors.

If you decide to think of the rose as the central color of the decoration of a house, keep in mind that the paler the more clearly it brings and transmits the feeling of more spaciousness of an environment as a more neat appearance. So the single rose is perfect in shades such as pastel pink or pastel and you can combine it with more intense or with white areas that also works very well.

Chosen good shades of pink to decorate the house, you can without overloading the environment also take advantage of the ornaments and furniture, or as we said try the intense pink with soft pink in an ideal combination that also decant for the softest pink with a tone like apple green, resulting very flattering for any home environment.

In our suggestions today you will see the advantages of decorating in pink, the cozy and lively lounge, the attractive and functional kitchen, the bright and relaxed dining room and the children's room and why not the bathroom? of course. When we strive to standardize the world without distinctions we can go further and integrate a color that although traditionally "feminine" serves well for everything and everyone, and that is so attractive that it will look good for a long time, pink or pink, as you want call him.