The pink in all its shades is a color that we have not appreciated, when thinking about colors to paint a house. For some it is very "feminine" because it has long been associated with the feminine gender, but contrary to what happens with the celestial one that is not considered "very masculine" for decorate the kitchen, with the rose is wasted. Now, we will remedy that, suggesting you great ideas to turn your house into a rose, without it being excessively feminine.

As we have said, there is a whole variety of shades of pink color, from the "baby" tone through the pastel to the intense pink, and they all adapt well to to paint the house with all its environments and achieve a beautiful decoration and at the same time cozy, because the pink is also that, one of the most welcoming colors and that transmits relaxation and calm. So put the subject of painting the house and choose the pink, you will need some suggestions.

And our suggestions for decorate a pink house, they are those of the famous American television host Martha Stewart, who, in her highly successful program, gives advice for rich recipes and preparing weddings, as well as decorating the house. And in these images you can see how well the painted walls are in pretty pink.

Hallways and bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, laundry areas and lounges, everything you can see in these images, with delicate details such as the walls painted in pink, from this painting and beautiful color you can undertake a decoration of the house very modern and attractive. The fireplace, the windows and all those little details will decorate to fuse with a lovely pink decoration. The best thing is that in the images you can check the tone that you really like for your home.