Kitchen planning needs some design inspiration. In addition to selecting a style that can help in making many of your selections, as you can get to imagine the kind of design and style you want for your own kitchen. Things like architectural details, color and decoration can be found in the details of each design style.

Here are some of the design styles and some of their characteristics that you can consider when planning your kitchen.

Rustic / United States:

An attractive design element that complements the gray tones and tin components is made of stainless steel. If you want to match the color of your counter with the color of the wall, you can paint the countertop brackets in white and neutral colors.

On the other hand, the accents of color in shades grayish or sunburned with predominantly white colors, base colors whitish or neutral look very well. The types of surface that are most suitable are ceramic tile, natural stone, slate and wood in a matte finish with a natural and heavy look.

Among the material options, you can use tin, rustic, wood and wrought iron metals. In addition, pine, oak and walnut finishes are the most popular types of wood for these styles.

Missions and Arts and crafts:

This style basically offers metallic finishes. Any solid, integrated metal bracket can be used to provide precious support for your counter. In this style, you have to go for warm colors, such as soft green, golden yellow, natural colorants and earth tones.

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