Is your son also a fan of this year's most famous dogs? Give her a Paw Patrol birthday party. You will leave him speechless!

Not only will you open your mouth to your little one, but all the children who are invited to the birthday. They will want to take pictures with everything and play with all the decoration inspired by a birthday of the Patrol Dog. Write down these ideas and become the queen of this birthday's patrol!

Paw Patrol Birthday Invitations

There will be no birthday party for the dog patrol if we do not invite all of our (their) friends. Therefore, first of all, we need to make the invitations to specify the time and place of our party. Since it's going to be a Patrol Dog birthday, what better to do the invitations according to the future decoration of the banquet. Surely there will be a lot of invitations designed with the characters of the series. However, you know that we always bet on DIY, so here's an idea. Choose the design you like the most, Tune it with a picture of the child and print as many as guests there will be. Here you have three templates that can serve as a model.

Canine Patrol Birthday
Source: tipsdemadre
Canine Patrol Birthday
Source: tipsdemadre
Canine Patrol Birthday
Source: my mom's blog

Decorate the Paw Patrol's birthday

Now we can start decorating our Paw Patrol birthday party. But as the movie said ... let's go in parts:

dog patrol birthday table
Source: stilettolawyer

Birthday table decoration

The table is the one that most often leads to parties, especially because it is usually the first thing they see and the first place where they are going to sit. The key? customize how many more elements better. Cutlery, centerpieces, jars, plates, tablecloths, chairs ...

  • Decorate the cutlery
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Customizing the cutlery is simpler than you imagine. Cut several wide and long strips of colored cardstock. Print the patrols or characters symbol and stick them towards the middle of the strip. You'll have the napkin made. Now all that remains is to wrap the cutlery (of plastic, of course, which are many children and then we do not want to spend the afternoon scrubbing) on ​​colored napkins and closed with our canine patrol napkin holder. Do not you think it's simple and that at the same time it's great? A trick: if you want them to last for other birthdays or events, plasticize them with transparent lining.

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canine patrol birthday table
Source: tipsdemadre

Decorate the dishes

The next idea, surely you will look like a bit of a hoax, but you will leave them with their mouths open. It's about changing lifelong bowls for dog feeders and drinkers. The script demands it and you can not deny that the sea is original. Put in the pockets the food that is to share (panchitos, popcorn, potatoes, some sauce ...) and then place a normal red plate (plastic) for each child. The other elements choose blue and yellow that are the colors of the Patrol Dog.

canine patrol birthday table
Source: Stilettolawyer

Ornaments for the birthday party of the patrol car

Balloons, colored ribbons, sweets, cookies, posters, photos, candles, masks ... There are dozens of elements that we can customize and turn into 'canine' decoration!

    • BalloonsThere are a lot of dog patrol balloons available at party and birthday stores, however, you can buy normal balloons and match the colors of the patrol. Remember: white, blue and red.
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Canine Patrol Birthday
Source: littlewishparties
  • Confectionery: If they are in the form of a better hoof, but if not, all you have to do is put them in boats decorated in blue and red white or place the photo of one of the characters in the envelope. We recommend you visit the web of because in it you can find a lot of templates to decorate the whole dog patrol birthday table.
    Canine Patrol Birthday Party
    Source: fiestasycumples

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  • Dog tracks: cut out dog tracks and place them throughout the party. Walls, balloons, tablecloth ...

    Canine Patrol Birthday
    Source: catchmyparty
  • photocall: the selfies go hand in hand with the children of this generation and a photocall will be a safe entertainment for them. Make one with cardboard and with the figure of some other character. Everyone will want a birthday photo from the canine patrol!Canine Patrol Birthday Party
  • Canine patrol carnival masks: And to put the icing on the cake, surprise them with masks from the canine patrol. You can download them for free (printable and cut-out version) on the website of ohmyfiesta.comCanine Patrol Birthday Party

A Paw Paw Cake

The fondant cakes give so much game that they can get wonderful birthday cakes from the dog patrol like these. Of course, either you are handyman, or it will be difficult to obtain results like those in the photographs. Load it or encourage yourself to make a design similar to that of the second image. Two floors of cake, one of each color, with smooth fondant and without complications. Then add some blank decoration like dog tracks or bones. The dolls? nothing to do them. Buy the plastic figurines and plant them on the top of the cake. So, instead of eating them, they can play on them during the party.

And if the bull has caught you with time or budget, make these cute dog muffins! They are normal, the only thing that you will have to do is to include some little lacasitos of colors imitating the footprint of a dog. Three small lacasitos and one large (or one oreo) will serve to make the hooves. And if you want to give them some other candy, buy fun lollipops and add the face of each of the characters in the series.

And finally, tell them a surprise. Throughout the summer of 2016, the Amusement Park has a new Paw Patrol show. Children can see the characters walking through the park and take a picture with them. If you have reached this post is that your son or daughter likes Patrol Dog so, we are sure that this information would be useful and interesting. We hope that this is the case and hopefully you will amaze all the children of the party with the Patrol Dog birthday decoration you have prepared!

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