children's rooms with washi tape
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If you like DIY projects and handmade things, sure you know very well the tape washi tape. It is nothing but colored adhesive tape or with varied designs, which is widely used in crafts. Well, today we give you some ideas for decorate children's rooms with washi tape that you will love

Are you looking for some great idea to decorate the room of the little ones in the house? Well, look at what we tell you on this occasion, because these ideas to decorate children's rooms with washi tape can not be more original and resultonas.

Also, you will not need to invest a lot of money and you can do it yourself in a simple, fast and clean way. Can you ask for more?

Renovating the room: children's rooms with washi tape

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The washi tape or washi tape is a perfect material for crafts and for many other things. In terms of decoration, it has an endless number of applications, such as the ones we tell you today and that focus on different ideas for decorate the children's room.

The decoration of the rooms of the children of the house is usually very variable. As they grow, their needs change. Therefore, it is not worth opting for furniture and accessories that are too expensive or immovable, especially if they are very small.

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It is best to choose versatile ideas, which can change from one day to the next. In this sense, decorating children's rooms with washi tape is a great idea. Does not stain, does not damage the surfaces where it sticks, so retires in a moment when the child (or adults) decide.

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Little houses that waste imagination

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Easier can not be. Trace some of these with tape houses on the wall of your children can make the difference between a great room and a rather more bland one. And the best thing is that the idea, very imaginative, is very easy to put into practice.

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The ideal is to have a piece of furniture that can be framed by the house, to get a three-dimensional effect cool. A standing bookshelf, a small dresser, a bedside table, etc.

To make the house, you just have to choose the design that you like most, take the subway to take some measurements and stick the tape in place. Then press well so that it is fully adhered.

A fun way to frame

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If your children are small artists that do not stop giving colored pencils, watercolors or finger painting, you will surely have the walls of your house overflowing with his drawings. And, of course, there is no budget to frame each and every one of the works of art generated by such prolific artists.

No problem! The versatile washi tape gives us, once again, the solution. How about frame the drawings with tape? The result is perfect for children's rooms.

Not only is it economical, but you can adapt it to any drawing or image, location, etc. And when you want to change the pictures or the photos, you just have to pull the tape, remove it and re-frame the new works. Easy, do not you think?

To play non-stop

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If what you want, besides decorating your children's room, is who can also play, nothing like these two ideas to decorate children's rooms with washi tape.

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The first is to do a trick or hopscotch on the floor of the room, just like we used to paint with chalk on the street when we were little. I, at least, have played hours and hours with a painted trick and a stone.

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The next idea is something more laborious to do, but just as simple. It's about plotting a city in miniature (or a fragment, of course). How about? It's not original? You can make roads for cars, parking spaces, etc.

An animal touch on the walls

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If your child loves animals, you will surely love decorating the walls of your room with some funny animals. To make them with washi tape and they look great, you can use the designs of the origami animals. Like this spectacular giraffe. How about?

To do it, you only need black adhesive tape, the meter and a pencil. A tip, choose a quality tape, if you do not want it to take off within five minutes of having stuck it. It is worth finding a good material that is more resistant and adequate.

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When you have decided the figure of the animal that you are going to capture on the wall, you will have to think about the size you want it to have, and reproduce it to scale. The best is draw the design on the wall with the help of the ruler and the pencil, and then cut and stick the pieces of adhesive tape. This will make you perfect.

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As you can see, there are a lot of ideas to decorate children's rooms with washi tape. And to make them come true you do not need more than a few rolls of tape, imagination and desire. What are you waiting for?