We have seen many modern decorating ideas, within so many original and beautiful decorative trends, and we all liked it but when deciding on the decoration of our living room, we have clear ideas, there are decorating styles that fascinate us and that are more in line with our personality than the newest ways of decorating. And the decoration must respond to our personal taste, because we will be excited or disappointed as we can choose the one we want.

In this sense, today we present you some excellent ideas to decorate classic rooms, you know nothing of minimalist or avant-garde colors, cozy rooms and full of details, like those we remember from the ancestral homes of yesteryear, like those we have seen in so many movies, with the furniture you want, the delicate and appropriate ornaments and of course the most romantic colors within a palette of pastel tones although that does not exclude some vibrant color, especially if yours is to be creative.

Many beautiful details such as curtains made especially for the environment, ie long curtains with lace or ornaments, which are large and become protagonists along with cushions, rugs, table and wall decorations, in this Romantic room decoration, You can be so creative and original but always keeping the decoration between your demands, a romantic appearance and a sense of maximum comfort, cozy, warm, endearing, a room to enjoy it.

The furniture also contributes to this type of decoration, you can choose several different but always among the most romantic or classic coquettish styles and you can choose a single style, you have to choose French type furniture, which always result in an extremely elegant living room, you have to choose Well, allowing yourself some mischief can cause a mix of trends that will not be attractive at all.