There are many brothers who, due to family circumstances or lack of space in the houses, have to share the room on a daily basis. This may seem inconvenient, it does not have to be. Neither at a decorative level, nor at the level of family coexistence. And, to prove it for yourself, here you have some really formidable examples of shared children's rooms.

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We all need our own space, including the smallest ones in the house. It is important that they tell you they are a corner of their own, usually in their room. A space in which to play, rest and study. However, sharing a room does not have to be an ordeal for children. It can become an opportunity to grow and strengthen ties between brothers. Discover the best ideas of shared children's rooms.

You will like them so much that you will love them for your children, even if you do not miss the square meters and have a room for each one of them. And it does not surprise me at all, because they are really spectacular. It's amazing how beautiful these can be small rooms With a little imagination, do not you think?

Children's rooms shared for two or three

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There are parents who have no choice but to put their children in the same bedroom. In most cases it is usually because they live in a small house, with few rooms. Or it can also be because the rest of the bedrooms are already occupied or have to be used for another use.

It may be that the work activity of one of the parents takes place in the family home, and it is necessary to have a workplace in one of the rooms of the house.

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However, there are also cases of parents They prefer that their children sleep together, with all the good and the bad that implies. As I said before, children learn to share, like it more or less. And they also feel more accompanied when they need it. The relationship between brothers is strengthened, although fights can also be more frequent.

So if you have one or more rooms, spacious or not, and you want your little ones to share one of them, look at these beautiful shared children's rooms. You will love it.

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When decorating them, wood is a very special material. Provides a natural air that personalizes the space by itself.

With equal beds ... or not

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If you are passionate about symmetry and order, you will surely prefer that your children's beds are the same. They have the same structure and are dressed in the same bedding.

However, more and more people prefer to break a little said symmetry and opt for different beds, with totally different headboards, for example. Or with different colored bedding.

The result can be great, especially if you find other links of union to harmonize the space. As in the image of the three beds, each with a different headboard and footboard, but with the same bedspreads.

Bunk beds for reduced rooms

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Although bunk beds are considered a great option for furnishing shared children's rooms that suffer from being very small, this is not always the case. There are parents who choose Put bunk beds to leave more free space for play or study in the room.

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The truth is that there are such beautiful options high beds for children, that it does not surprise me that they can be chosen even for spacious rooms. Like this white combination with Ikea furniture at the bottom. In this case it is about drawers and cabinets of the Stuva series. A whole universe to save!

In general, the recommendation is use simple designs and light colors. The white furniture is a sure hit. They are lighter visually, which is very important in rooms of reduced size. The color can be put in accessories and accessories: bedding, cushions, ornaments, etc.

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And what do you say about These litters of work? They are conceived and planned before the construction of the room and the result is spectacular.

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The originality of hanging beds

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I am sure that any child would love to sleep in beds like these, which hang from the roof of thick ropes. In fact, the wooden structure that forms the bed is supported by other wall anchors. But nevertheless, the effect is to be a platform that hangs from the ceiling.

It is a formidable resource, not only for have several beds in height in shared children's rooms, but also to decorate the space in a fun and very original way. Your children will love it!

As you can see, there are numerous options for setting up and decorating shared children's rooms. Everything depends on the space you have available, and the resources you want to use.