When you want to "refresh" the decor of a room, that seems to us already very daily. No need to resort to major renovations, some details on the wall may mean, a change of environment that makes it look renewed and more colorful. If you are one of those who opt for the paintings and you are good at drawing, and if not you can take advantage of the services of an artist who works with comfortable prices, take the opportunity to refresh the environment with some drawings of flowers.

In other post, we have presented you with original ideas for decorate rooms using murals, photographs, mirrors and other details. Today we bring you original designs of rooms with flowers or trees like bamboo, that when deciding on these decoration options, there is a wide variety of options to choose from, among plants that we would like to recreate in the walls and colors that most we like them.

It is not necessary to have a large space to fill it with painted flowers, because just a few or a single one is original and gives the wall a more vivacious aspect. You can choose decorate the wall with a couple of flowers behind a sofa or near the door, why not next to the window as simulating the view of a garden and maybe even cravings in the kitchen, the bathroom because not only the living room is limited to take advantage of this kind of details to decorate.

Above all it is important to keep in mind that in this case, less is always more, if you exceed the details without any doubt lose some of their appeal, so do not think of huge gardens painted on your walls that will make the house look like a garden school. Just a small detail and the ideal color.