Autumn has already arrived and Halloween is approaching, so the time has come to advise you the best decoration for this time: Decorate with pumpkins!

La decoration with pumpkins It is not only a custom for Halloween, in addition to this, we can add pumpkins to our decoration at any other time of the year to be part of a composition as a centerpiece, for example. The important thing to adapt to each time of year is the color we use or reasons with which we combine them.

1Decorate with pumpkins on the stairs

This time, we will place them on the stairs, for all those who have a small or large staircase in their home, can decorate the beginning of it.

We just have to get some pumpkins, as many as you want. Remember that Sometimes a simple decoration is better; less is more. Especially if our apartment is not very big. In addition to pumpkins, we will need paint, a small lighthouse and a cutter or something sharp.

With few elements we will make a great composition to place on the steps of the stairs. This option is ideal, especially for those who like lighthouses and dim lights.

2Pumpkins decorated with thumbtacks

Paint the colorful pumpkins, and then, with thumbtacks, go making compositions of drawings and lines that are interesting as a zigzag, arrows or a series of lines that divide your pumpkin into segments.

3Pumpkins decorated with crochet

Do you know how to do crochet doilies? You can use them to cover part of the pumpkin with glue like hot silicone. You can also, to get different colors and contrasts, paint your pumpkin before.

4Constellations in a pumpkin

What if you make a pumpkin your universe? Paint it a dark blue, almost black, and then add white dots as if it were stars. Finally, highlight a constellation that you like, giving more light and joining the key points with fine white lines. You can also use bright colors like gold or silver to give more intensity to the scene.

6Pumpkins decorated with cross stitch

Can there be anything more original than cross stitch in a pumpkin? Remember to empty it beforehand and dry it, so that later it is much easier to pass the thread, carefully, without breaking the bark.

7Pumpkins with sunflowers

Sunflowers and pumpkins are two beautiful autumn details that combine perfectly. Use the pumpkins as if they were flower vases and make beautiful bouquets of flowers like the ones you see in the photograph.

8Classic Halloween pumpkins

How? What have you ever done a typical Halloween pumpkin? Well, this year does not happen! It's a classic that you have to do, at least once in a lifetime, do not you think?

9Colorful pumpkins

For all times of the year, although especially in summer, we can give free rein to the brightest colors: blue, pink, yellow, green ... and gold!

10Pumpkins with lace

Have you ever seen a more elegant pumpkin? The black and white, along with the lace, are ideal for decorating some very distinguished pumpkins.

11Decoupage pumpkins

You know the decoupage technique? As it turns out, you can also apply it perfectly to the decoration of pumpkins.

12Sugar pumpkins

Yes, as you hear ... sugar! Top your pumpkin into glue stick and then fill it with sugar. You will see what a gourmand effect.

13Pumpkins with glitter

Paint a pumpkin completely one color, then cover a part with masking tape leaving the line clear. Finally, dip one of the sides in glitter with glue. You will see that pretty!

14Jewel-style pumpkins

Tacks, colored pins and other accessories such as gold, silver, black and white paint combine perfectly!

15Pumpkins with carved branches

With the help of a cutter or a knife you can carve your pumpkin making drawings, as in this case you have opted for a simple branched tree.

17Pumpkins decorated with buttons and other details

What more details do you have at home? Gift papers, ribbons, buttons ... give it imagination!

18Pumpkins painted and with flowers

An elegant and rustic decoration for pumpkins is what you see in this image with a beautiful composition ideal as a centerpiece.

19Vase of elongated pumpkins

The elongated pumpkins also have a good use. You can use their verticality to use them as vases.

20Rope pumpkins

What if you do not have a real pumpkin? Take imagination and be inspired by this made with rope and the shell of a snail.

21Pumpkins that give light

If once emptied and dried you make strategic holes in the pumpkin you can use it to give a warm atmosphere of light.

22Vases pumpkins

Many other examples where flowers combine with pumpkins make us see that not only as vases serve, we can also play to cover them completely, flower by flower.

23Paper pumpkins

Paper is always a good resource to do something you do not have, have you seen how simple you can get some nice Halloween pumpkins?

24Paper pumpkins in the shape of a book

Taking advantage of an old book you can also make an original pumpkin.

25Pumpkin candlestick

Candles are widely used to decorate on Halloween because of the gloomy light they offer. Use the pumpkins to hold them and that the wax does not stain the table.

26Painted pumpkins and other details

Add a cut-out leaf and other decorative details are also good ideas for your pumpkins are much more original.

27Pumpkins painted with faces

Most Halloween pumpkins are scary but ... why not make them smile? Instead of cutting and carving them, you can use a black permanent marker.

28Disguised pumpkins

If you have lots of pumpkins you can make an authentic costume party. You put one of witch, one of mummy, another of bat ...

30Pumpkins painted with geometric shapes

Using bodybuilder's tape you can paint your pumpkins with geometric lines and different colors.

31Mr Pumpkin Potato

Disguise your witches pumpkins with Mr. Potato's face. As you see, there is no limit of ideas.

32Vampires of pumpkins

Have you seen how original these wire structures are to hold the pumpkins and transform them into bats?

33Chinese lanterns in the garden

Fill your garden with pumpkins, with different carved decorations, and a candle inside them. You will see what a beautiful effect at night!

34The silhouette of a cat

Continuing with the same idea as the previous one, as you can see, if you are good at sizing you can venture to make authentic works of art.

35Pumpkin to cool drinks

For Halloween parties, a good idea is to cool the beers in a pumpkin full of ice.

How to clean the pumpkins to decorate them?

The first thing will be to clean the pumpkins, both inside and outside. Remember that if we want this decoration to last a while, we must remove the seeds of the pumpkin otherwise it would be ruined too soon.

To do this, take the cutter and, like a door, cut a square, a rectangle or a circle on top of it. We remove the lid and empty the pumpkin inside. Clean it well by removing all the pulp and guts to say it somehow.

Once you have it, let them dry for a while the inside of it. Once you have done it we put the lid or door, we can even add a bit of adherent to the edges so that it does not come off and after that we proceed to paint.

Choose the motif that you like or go with your decoration. If you are good at drawing, we can do it by hand, if you do not look for a drawing that you like and calculate it on these to then paint. With a little patience we will have a decoration with the most beautiful pumpkins for Halloween.

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