In a kitchen you always need spaces to be able storage and it is that no matter how small or large it is, there will always be space to locate all the pots in the kitchen. It is common for furniture in a kitchen to have low, high furniture and occasional auxiliary furniture to maximize the space available.

The kitchen is a stay at home where we spend a lot of time and we must pay close attention to its decoration but above all to its functionality. The furniture, the appliances, the decoration, the colors ... everything is part of the same room.

The cabinets and storage furniture They will be in charge of saving more things from the kitchen but you also need functional spaces where you can leave things by hand and be able to have them at your disposal at any time without having to search through the cupboards, I mean the shelves in the kitchen.

Sometimes in the decoration of the kitchens you forget to put shelves and they are very practical, also if you put them in wood you will give them a rustic that you can accompany for any style that you have decorated your kitchen. In addition, the wood transmits a warmth that only this material is capable of transmitting.

kitchen shelves

A bookshelf is usually thought of as something auxiliary, that is to say, totally dispensable but once we have them and use them they become essential, why will this happen? In addition to logar that your kitchen is less overloaded will help you to give a much more personal style and have an extra storage place where to place useful for day to day, such as a tableware.

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A wooden shelf shelves on the wall will help you achieve a rustic touch in your kitchen. Think about where you could place them and do not hesitate to add some rustic and wooden shelves in your kitchen decoration.