Today Decoration 2.0 we offer you some fantastic ideas to decorate your room. If you think about redecorating the living room of your home and you want to look for ideas ... today we give you some suggestions that can serve as inspiration.

In this way if we intend to decorate the living room of our home and the economy is not for many jogs, there are many alternatives for which we can choose to economize. Among them we must consider the solutions of recycling and restoration of furniture, objects, articles ...

In this case Selina Lake It has a lot to say about the economic decoration. She is dedicated above all to make images that serve as inspiration for all those people who want to decorate their home in an elegant, original, fresh and, above all, personal way.

In the picture we see, he has created a fantastic room, somewhere in the house .. This means that the room can be created within the same space, delimiting it with blinds, panels or any other dividing element.

As we can see Selina has strategically located some seats ... but these are cushions and cushions .. a very personal way of giving comfort to the place and not spending much on chairs or sofas.

The decoration has been completed with some beautiful decorative elements among them we see a carpet, a basket, two coffee tables, small and short so as not to be out of tune with the rest and that we even sit on the cushions, all this is decorated with a nice picture , some candlesticks, a teapot and a beautiful lantern.

The tonalities are clear and the contrast with the green colors has been sought, in different tones and an elegant white.

Finally, as a final detail has made a simple centerpiece. With only one base, which is a plate in brown and some green apples, in combination with the rest of the decoration. Elegant, sophisticated and very summery!

Source: Decorate Today.

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