Do you lack ideas to decorate the table on special occasions? We give you some tables decorated for birthdays that can serve as inspiration.

Some of the tables decorated for birthdays that we are going to show you are the sea of ​​perfect and sure that, seeing them, you will think: I will not be the same. But nevertheless, we do not pretend that they are exactly the same, but that they inspire you so that you can do your version The best way possible. No need to put 50 balloons around the table, maybe with 20 is enough. The key is in give a personal touch to the table and make the birthday boy or birthday girl feel unique in his day. Look at the following photographs and aim ideas!

Decorated tables for birthdays

We always go in parts (as that scary movie said ...), however, today we prefer to show you decorated tables for birthdays full. That is to say, this time we will not give you individual ideas but global ideas, complete tables and general decorations for the special events that take place in your home.

Hawaiian birthday

One of the easiest ways to get inspiration when it comes to decorating is look for a theme. Romantic, terrifying, vintage decoration ... having the base, it is easy to start placing ornaments and choosing colors. In this case we have chosen a Hawaiian style birthday table. Therefore, colors are striking, and yellow and blue predominate. In addition, you can add large green leaves reminiscent of palm trees near the beach and a pineapple customized with colored gomets.

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The flamingos and the frame also decorated with gomets, are our favorite details. Try to put it all around a white table. It will give much more game and highlight the colors even more.

decorated tables for birthdays

A very colorful birthday

Here is an example of how you can get tables decorated for birthdays without extravagances and lots of money. As you can see in the previous photograph, the exterior and the brick wall add to the atmosphere. However, sometimes we do not have such idyllic settings to assemble our birthday decoration. Therefore, we propose this option suitable for all stays.

It is a curtain Color papers cut into wide strips. They all come together at the top through a border of colored balloons. In this way, you will hide the wall that is behind. As for the table, cover it with an original tablecloth. You do not have it? Do not waste a euro! Find one of paper (or white cloth) that you have at home and decorate it with colored spots.

Source: moniclic

Pirate Birthday

Another example of a theme birthday. This one we love. And as you can see, it's not hard to copy, you just need a little bit of patience and patience. Place a wooden stick (serves a small branch) at one end of the table. Cover it with a black cloth and tie it under the end of the stick. Try placing some strings across the table and, with striped fabrics, create a small boat sail. The rest, we leave it in the hands of your imagination. The theme you already have, you just have to 'give it a little coconut'. Pirate patches, wooden legs, chests with gold ...

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decorated tables for birthdays
Source: decops

Decorate a long birthday table

Sometimes, if the guests are too many, you can not play a lot with the decoration of the tables. Many ornaments can be chaotic (and somewhat uncomfortable) at an elongated table with more than 10 guests. We would opt for this idea as simple as it is original.

Make some centerpieces filling some glass jars with colored gumballs (as easy, cheap and simple as that). Place three or four, depending on the length of the table. Distribute a plate of color to each diner and tie a balloon of the same color on the chair corresponding. Thus, you will give a touch of color without being a hindrance during the meal. It's a perfect idea for teenage girls who do not want too much 'paraphernalia' at celebrations.

decorated tables for birthdays
Source: karaspartyideas

Decorate birthday tables outdoors

Birthdays that are held outdoors, give much more play than those made in the room. That's a fact. If you have a garden at home do not hesitate to take out the birthday. The guests will appreciate it. And more if they are children, because they are where they are going to run and throw themselves on the ground so, if they do, it is better on a grass carpet, right ?. Here we leave another table decorated with charm. It's perfect for girls who are still princesses.

Add some detail that surprises you like a crown or a canopy hanging from the branch of a tree. In fact, this last detail can be the main element on which the banquet turns. Cover the entire table with him and when the time comes, remove it to leave everyone with their mouths open.

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Hopefully you have inspired these tables decorated for birthdays, or at least, you could have taken some idea. Tell us what you will copy on the next birthday! And to finish the job of helping you with the preparation of the birthday, here we leave these original ideas to make homemade birthday invitations.