In the heart of the Pyrenees, in Soldeu, Andorra, you will find a new concept of 5 hotel stars with a luxurious decoration, the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa projected by Laura Pérez I Pujades, that unites design, beauty and relax. An ideal place, with a unique decoration, where to escape to 1.850 meters of altitude, in full nature and in a privileged enclave for the practice of mountain sports, both in winter and in summer.

To transform this place into an oasis of design, it could not miss a world icon of decoration such as the Danish brand Carl Hansen & Son that has furnished this prestigious hotel with some of its iconic pieces.

Luxury and quality are appreciated in its rooms, spacious reading and resting rooms with excellent views, where, thanks to an imaginative and elegant design, as well as the use of noble materials, a welcoming atmosphere is breathed. Jewelry signed by the best designers will welcome you in a unique way and everything to discover.

The OW149 Colonial Chair was designed by Ole Wanscher at 1949. Wanscher wanted to create furniture that paid tribute to classic conservative tendencies, but that also stood the test of time. He achieved this balance with that piece that remains his most famous design to this day and that gives originality to the context.

As a minimalist, Wanscher preferred the thin and refined. However, despite its slender dimensions, the Colonial Chair is very stable. Its strength lies in the carefully designed reinforcements. The sophisticated armrest The slightly curved design rises to a point before turning down, a characteristic of Wanscher. The front and rear legs are made of round wood, with the rear legs gently curved outward for greater stability and a more refined result.

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When it comes to legends, the great master Hans J. Wegner can not miss with the CH011 coffee table designed in 1954. Excellently made of solid wood, the smoothly sharpened legs add a sense of lightness to the sturdy table. With curved elements throughout, this versatile rectangular table breathes the heat into any space and combines well with most Wegner chairs.

Hans J. Wegner designed the CH163 sofa in 1965, using a down filling for luxury comfort. This large three-seater sofa perfectly exemplifies how Wegner often highlighted the structural details with great effect.

The CH23 dining chair was one of the first chairs designed by Hans J. Wegner exclusively for Carl Hansen & Søn at 1950. The pieces he created at this time were not only unique, but also set new standards for the design of modern furniture with his artistic expression and ergonomic shape.

Although the CH23 chair may seem simple at first glance, it incorporates many fine and sophisticated details, including the elegant cruciform covers on the backrest, a double-woven seat and arched rear legs that ensure optimal stability.

Along with being able to try and see these pieces, you will have the privilege of accessing Sport Wellness Mountain Spa, the exclusive wellness center of the complex, 5 plants and 5.000 m2, where you can enjoy the best health and beauty treatments.

Escape the daily life, it is easy if the design accompanies you.

Jordi Miralles photos sent in the press release.