Decoration: Myths and truths

In the interior decoration of modern houses certain myths have been determined that were rules in the past, but that nowadays have no meaning.

Myth: Bright and strong colors can collide with each other and create an uncomfortable space.
Reality: These colors are found together in nature, which means they complement each other perfectly. The trick is to use large blocks of plain color.

Myth: Blue and green do not mix.
Reality: Apparently, these two colors are enemies, but the green is formed by the color blue and yellow, so it does not make much sense. Maybe it's because they are a potent mix.

Myth: Never decorate children's rooms with black.
Fact: We are not sure where the concept comes from. Perhaps it is a preconception of parents who believe that colors stimulate young people more. This may be the case, although in many cases the younger ones are more stimulated by the theme of the decoration than by the colors used to decorate their room.