Home decoration with pets

Those of us who have pets and love them, we know that they are a very important part of our lives, nowadays the owners, when they realize this value, decorate their homes around them. We are going to give you several tips to make your house more friendly for pets, keep in mind the style and comfort.

When you have pets, you should analyze the type of fabric you put in your house, the velvet attracts a lot of hair, therefore it should be avoided, the silk is delicate and difficult to wash, you should think of something resistant to stains like the crypton, leather and suede. If you have black puppies at home for no reason you can get a white sofa.

Think of your bed this is the cozy place to sleep and rest, pets often lie on their bed so washing the bedding should be essential to remove the skins and clean up the accidents.

You can put a mattress between your mattress and sheets in case there is an accident, to keep your mattress free of stains and odors.

Avoid the carpeting of the floors throughout the house, these attract more mites, fleas, it is better that the floor is in ceramic which is easier to clean and you can perceive the dirt that is presented.