The Fireplaces They are usually as useful as decorative. When the cold winter days arrive, they give the home the heat it needs and are always present in the best memories of the holiday season, when the chimneys are in some places like Spain, part of the celebrations. They create a warm atmosphere and are a perfect place to decorate for parties. Already many houses do not usually have chimneys, but during the last years in front of the stoves that are used and kept, chimneys have had a new boom.

Ideally you think about decorate with chimneys, when you have enough space. A large living room in a large house, although well thought out and in its proper dimensions, you can have a fireplace in your apartment, setting it and giving a touch to the lounge of flirtatious elegance, because the chimneys are like that, elegant, practical, functional, and always embellish the hoga where they have especially when we use them and today there is a variety of them.

Today we present some great ideas for decorate with chimneys, they are integrated into the environment, minimalist as elegant or classic but all work very well the chimneys, which as you will see in one of the images come summer you can adapt them to the decoration turning them into a section of it with vases or flowers, which puts the lively touch to the room and takes advantage of the fireplace.

When there are children you have to have the chimney away from them for it today there are plenty of beautiful fences and protectors that prevent them from having any contact with the fireplace is in use or not, and that of course they are added to the decoration , so do not have pretext to not have a nice fireplace in the living room with which to create a perfect atmosphere when you want to be at home and it is cold.