The implementation of green in the decorations is the order of the day. If you are a lover of plants or just want to decorate your rooms with a touch of freshness today we present the gardens of Matchbox.

Creative solutions for your spaces, these gardens are arranged in small apartments separated from each other. In this way we can cover small and large spaces in an original and striking way.

Another Studio is the company that has taken the green concept towards creative solutions for our homes. As you can see real pieces of ecological art, you can decorate our spaces. Each support of the gardens is made with painted boxes of matches, an eco solution for the care of our planet.

These boxes are prepared for us to take care of the Matchbox Gardens with love and patience. In this way we will only have to sow the seeds and water them.

Each box contains the necessary pack to grow. The seeds should germinate in about three days and the garden will last approximately 3 weeks. The dimensions of these gardens are 105 x 70 x 15 mm each.

Finally highlight that each garden is a different model of building, so we can see roofs wind vanes, chimneys, turrets ... we can even form a small garden city.