At this point of the year, the crazy decoration and interior design are ready to get soaked de what will be taken and not in 2019. Only the idea of ​​renewing the style of house pointing to the decorative tendencies that will say everything The next twelve months we are excited. Does it happen to you too? Well, do not miss a single idea of ​​this advance.

decorative trends
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New year new purposes, renewed illusions and Brand new look in our stays. The decorative tendencies that will sweep are the starting signal to give a turn to our interiors. And of course do it without losing sight of everything that will triumph in 2019 according to the interior design gurus. If we are already somewhat tired of the color we gave to the walls of the house. Or we are in the head to release some furniture, are the excuse to start taking note and wait for the right moment to make the big change.

Decorative trends: they are already here

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Enter the new year with the decorative tendencies that will give so much to speak well learned is a fantastic way to start it. Although it is not a question of applying them from the first to the last, we will surely be able to strain at home more than one. Many of these predictions they will conquer our heart for the good taste they distil and for the modern and cosmopolitan air they carry as DNA. As soon as we see how the furniture is, the seats and the lamp designs that will triumph.

But these decorative trends also bring us surprises in the use of color, and in its way of manifesting itself according to the space of the house. For example, which shades are consolidated to dress the room and what chromatic formulas are the winners to give greater prominence to the kitchen and the bathroom. In addition, they will also help us to know what is carried and what does not work in the spatial organization of domestic interiors. The reality is that decorative trends for 2019 speak of increasingly clear environments without borders. The great solution if we live in a studio or we choose diaphanous housing, without architectural borders.

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A chromatic palette for each stay

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The best thing about signing up to the new chromatic decorative tendencies is that we will catch up on the tones that will make the difference. Finally we can say goodbye a those spaces a little boring and dare to surround ourselves with intense environments that are all personality. Without forgetting what the prestigious Pantone Institute has revealed as the colors of the year. For the winter months, Living coral, and for the summer, New Native: seven magnificent tones charged with energy and multiculturalism.

Give each room its own color is what will really take the next 365 days of the year. Test effects that we have never played with until now and know integrate them without saturating. In the kitchen, without going further, the black it will continue to be its fetish color, and on any surface. From painting the walls if they are smooth in that tone, to highlight certain elements, such as a column. Definitely the bravest bet it will consist in renew the furniture y replace them with paneled designs of wood dyed in a deep and elegant black.

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For the salon we can play to introduce some of the so-called elegant and intense colors without fear of making mistakes. That is to say, deep green and blues, or dark reds and tiles of great warmth. Book them for sofa and armchair upholstery, or for those textile accessories that put the final brooch, such as cushions and rugs. El bathroom will also have its own chromatic look according to the decorative tendencies of the 2019. White, stone gray and natural nuances are the chosen ones to decorate this space of the house. If we choose them, we will begin to see it as a small temple of calm and well-being.

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Super chic pieces

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Dare with some pieces that propose us the decorative tendencies. It will be a brilliant decision for our environments to begin to resemble those we admire on Pinterest or Instagram. A select family of furnitureIt's very chic to distribute strategically in the most vivid areas. Within them, this year the dresser It will give a lot to talk about. If you make him the king of the room, you'll be up to date. Elegant, glamorous or with a seventies nod. It will give a refined air.

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This winter will also be a unique opportunity to incorporate chaise longues Inspired by icon designs. This is what the decorative tendencies that have been stomping are saying. Turn them into the real protagonists of a reading area, a corner for relaxation or contemplation. Stylized and sophisticated, as well as very comfortables, with them the decoration becomes much more contemporary.

Spaces without borders


The good thing about decorative trends is that they also propose us a new vision of the domestic space. They are always the reflection of the solutions proposed by interior designers and decoration professionals in their current projects. Hence the interest that his conclusions arouse to know what will become a current and why at the interior level of residencel. Like this: that flexible domestic spaces, free of architectural barriers gain ground and with a very versatile philosophy.

The bedrooms are integrated with your bathroom in a natural way, with solutions that favor that spatial transition. Specific, through continuous surfaces in floors and walls through materials very specific, like the microcement, easy maintenance. Glass doors and walls will be other key elements in this type of housing free of borders. By the way, in them also the kitchen will be an open space and communicated with the rest.

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Surprised with these decorative tendencies?